Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Time for another BF game I think

In the future, infantry will be so laden down with armour and weapons that they'll be able to run more or less as far as I can, more or less as quickly as I do. In the future the weapons the infantry will be equipped with won't include grenade launchers or, indeed, grenades. In the future tanks will no longer have coaxially mounted machine guns and their shells won't fly as far or as fast as they do now. In the future anti-armour missiles will be so weak that they won't be able to deal with giant, slow-moving, walking tanks. In the future, anti-aircraft shells won't kill infantry and assault rifles will be substantially less accurate than an M16. In the future it will be hard to distinguish friend from foe and a small roomful of grunts will be able to hold off a concerted attack of everything the infantry can throw at them. In the future, all the billboards will have amusing early-21st century ads for the delectation of soldiers everywhere.

Mind you, the future looks and sounds bloody great. The future features flying through the air in rocket pods. The future makes you work for those essentials like grenades and explosives (so no change there then).

Overall, the demo isn't that good and it looks like you'll need unlocks to do the things you used to do for free (like use grenades to clear out a room, say). That just doesn't seem like a deal to me. Also, the hovertanks are just shit. Really, really shit.

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