Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kriegsmarine in Dublin

Unsurprisingly our German colleagues were able to talk their way onto the sub.


It's hard working life.
I think we justified it as office decoration. Took two days for a bunch of us to build.

New coffee Machine

So shiny. A Mazzer Mini Electronic
for the grinder, Isomac Relax Automatica heat exchanger machine, Grindenstein Knockbox, bottomless portafilter and Reg Barber convex tamper. Grinder and machine needed a lot of dialling in. I like it a lot.

Definitely requires a lot of work to keep clean since it shows up dirt like nothing else and it can really put you off your coffee. Not to mention that it'll need regular washing out in summer. The big advantage of both is that, being automatic, I can slot them into my breakfast making schedule and not have to hover over them, timer in hand. Of course they have manual buttons if I feel inclined but I basically don't. Most of my tweaking is on the grind and cooling preflush side.

Of those, definitely the biggest issue is the preflush. I'm finding that the initial double-shot flush isn't quite long enough to cool it to useable level and that I can often be back up above the right temperature if I take the time to lay out Trish's breakfast before getting back to making my coffee. I guess I just need to stop worrying about the machine running out of water. I did ask about getting the kit to plumb it in but was advised that it wasn't really a great idea for home use (mainly due to mains pressure and inline filtering).