Sunday, May 25, 2008

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness

It's short, it's very short but then most episodic games are now. It's not quite as funny as I had hoped (it's no Portal and it's not as odd as Psychonauts) but it's definitely fun to play. I haven't played a proper special-mode-for-combat RPG in ages. As an RPG it is a bit of a cheat since there really isn't a lot of choice in how you level up, there's no way to emphasise certain aspects of your characters. On the other hand, that doesn't really matter and it makes for a nicely balanced game. New enemies pose a real threat and the last two bosses in particular are pretty difficult.

I won't pretend to know enough about modern RPG play to claim that it's truly the real deal but as a way to spend a happy afternoon/evening/early night it certainly does the job. It's not really all that difficult which some might find annoying but, being rubbish as these sorts of games, I can live with it.

Unsurprisingly the graphic design is fantastic and the underlying plot suitably absurdist (if not amasingly original). In fact the art is so good, such a pleasure to look at that it takes a lot of the sting out of their being only three major gameplay areas (and an extra area for tooling up).

I'll definitely be looking out for the next episode in the shiny future.

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